Parriscope Entertainment, Inc. (PEInc.)

Since signing to PEInc Records in 2007, Celestial has been transformed from a new developing singer/songwriter to a staple artist in the industry with a number of critically acclaimed hits. Parriscope Entertainment Inc is proud to announce that Celestial has re-signed and will continue her recording career along with the Jacksonville-based label.

“Celestial is a perfect example of the type of artists we want to continue to work with at PEInc Records: talented, quality music and a strong work ethic,” shares Elisha Parris, President of Parriscope Entertainment Inc / PEInc Records. “We are extremely amped to be officially continuing this relationship with Celestial as one of our flagship artists for PEInc. We have been there from the beginning with her and are excited to see what the future holds.”

The Orlando-based Celestial has released 2 albums (Changed 2007 and Celestial 2011), 2 singles (Free 2011 and Your Love 2011) and 2 videos (Praying Grandmother 2009 and Ride 2012) on PEInc Records.