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Elisha and Heart's Desire... I want to say Well Done on the upcoming release of "Worthy". I feel blessed to be a part of this journey with you all. I pray this project is a blessing to all who have an opportunity to hear it. Love you Always~ Robin.
I've been knowing Elisha for a very long time. I am happy to see him doing his thang, keep up the good work man. I look forward to working with you real soon one day. REB
Elisha! Man, I didn't have your phone number so I had to post this to let you know I LOVE YOUR CD: ATLAST! I have only made it to track #7, but so far so Great! I am gonna feature it on the show this Sunday! Congrats my friend!
Bro Parrish and your Son Your music is an inspiration to the Gospel and the Jazz community. I know you have God approval because your music notes have been anointed by Him so your christian family can enjoy the rejoice and praise melody your instruments put out. Keep us lifted and God will defintely keep you. Shalom my brother.
Hi, Minister Parris, I'm praying for your success. Keep up the great work. Have a faith filled week. Faith... Pastor Reggie
The Parriscope Family would llike to wish our very own Princess of Neo-Soul, "Celestial", a Happy Birthday! We love you! PEInc.
Happy B-Day! Enjoy!
Happy Birthday Celeste. May God bless you! T.
Happy Birthday, Celestial!!! Cancers Rule!! This is Gerald from Orlando, Greater Central Church. My B-Day was July 6th. Live long and strong. Live Success @ your BEST!
Celestial, I would like to wish u a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Just Know...I am one of your biggest Fans! You are the BEST!! Marylou
Celestial, Just wanted to drop by and tell you what a joy you are to work with, and to wish you all the best on your birthday!! Love ya!!! Robin~
I am looking for a studio that has the capacity and professionalism to help me develop and produce a gospel demo. Is this something that your studio can offer me?
Elisha, You, Brent and Celestial really make my job SO EASY!!! You have amazing talent flowing through your veins, and this new project proves it! Very nice work, dude! (Your 'beautiful mind' at work again!)
Atlas, you are a pure musical GENIUS!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC MAN!!!
the bumble keys.............. WOW
I can tell you right now that I am gonna love this cd!
The music is beautiful, I could listen to them all day. Thank you and I hope you have much success.
Just wanted you to know that all of the track samples are on point that I heard on Sonicbids. Keep up the good work.
the websites great
I just saw Brent and Celestial's videos on youtube. Wow! I think they're really nice! maybe something with more action, but they're nice! I already have Celestial's CD. I"m going to by Brent's now.
elisha, love your blog. i'm commiting to take the journey with you.
Brent, I am soooo proud of you. I thank God for taking you thus far and believing for Him to take you higher and higher with the anointing to share your gift will people all over the world. I love you Brent and continue to do all that you do for his glory. Love, your life time sister
merry christmas!
Atlas, Is has been a long time...... It's good to see that God's gifts are not going to waste in you!!! With Love and Best Wishes ~ T ~
I saw this flyer about Celestial performing in Jacksonville on September 1. I'd never heard of her so I came to this website that was listed on the bottom of the flyer. I just want to say that I am glad I did. I really like all the songs I heard on here. I can't wait for September and I'm telling my friends too. God bless you.
Enjoyed your site.. May God Bless all of your Endeavors and Enlarge your Territory ever the more !
Celestial, Do I need to say anything more than YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! I had to forward my friend's beautiful voice (your interview + this site) on to everyone I know. :) CONGRATULATIONS!
Atlas, I appreciate the opportunity more than anything to learn and experience all that PEinc has to offer. I look forward to growing and learning. Thanks Again, Stacey
celestial! you rocked last night. your ministry translated well at club highest praize.
Atlas, good seeing you again at the JAX GAG meeting. I'm in the process of planning my next Praise and Worship CD, I need two songs. Let's schedule sometime to meet.
just heard "hallelujah" on the radio. i'm still dancing!
Atlas!! You have been a blessing & a true friend to me from day one of our meeting. I love you brother and I'm looking forward to working with you. GOD is really blessing you and I am so very happy for you. Stay focused! Your Brother in Christ!! Brent Brown
What's up Atlas!!! I hope all is well with you!!! I pray for God's favor to continue to pour upon your life. Keep doing Kingdom work, by making good FOOD 4 DA SOUL!!!, Lynette
Hi, I received a copy of Celestial's "Changed" for Christmas. I've been so busy traveling that I misplaced it, and happened upon it on last week. I have not been able to take it out of my CD player!! I really enjoy "Raise Your Head." I have claimed it as my new anthm!! Love your work!! Thanks for the blessing!!
"God´s people with songs the gladness of day may you celebrate, through the waters the Israel walk of dry lands ."God will celebrate with us even today and send his power that this will be great manifestation in this time too, for he is good.Help the men that find him,pray for blessed revival soon,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden
I just heard you on the radio. I really like your CD and the last song they played before it went off I think it was It is well. That was real good. God bless you and your music.
Love the new site! Looking for a concert tour soon.
Wishing PEINC a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Jesus is the reason for the season. Be blessed!!
Celestial's new sound from "O" town is HOT!! I played it for my Mom who almost 80 and she was rocking to the beat. Thank you for being a blessing to me and my family. I hope to meet you at one of your upcoming events in Jacksonville. I will continue to check your website for upcoming events.....Debbie
happy thanksgiving, parriscope!
I look forward to meeting you and possibly working with you Mr. Elisha Parrish. I think your ministry is off the hook! (Take care of Celestial).
What can i say? You're on your way, stay focused, and may God continue to birth in you, and threw you, his anointing, his power, and his majestic splenda. You're bad to the bone.
Celestial's lyrical sound and vibe is awesome!! "Kudos" on your vocal ministry
Great Review Partner!!!
Hi Thanks for your site.
Congratulations on your new release. May God continue to bless you all in all that you do and give you all the desires of your heart. Love you!
Hi Pastor! I am so happy for you, HD, Celestial and Parriscope Entertainment, Inc. I pray that God will continuously open doors for you! I have been all over your website and I love it - I can't stop smiling! Looking forward to the 29th!!
Blessings Pastor Parris, I just received my email invite to the CD Release Event. I'm so excited and look forward to attending. May God continue to bless you, HD, Celestial and Parriscope Entertainment, Inc. I know the Release Event will be off the chain!! Be Blessed, Rolita
Thank you Pastor Parris for being our guest speaker at our 1st Annual “2007” Y.E.S (Youth Empowerment Service) on this weekend. On both nights, you preached a dynamic and energetic word from the Lord. You empowered our Youth to trust in God and to continue to love Jesus with their whole heart. We had in attends over 200 young people per night. You did a phenomenal job! Keep doing the work of the Lord!!
Happy Birthday, Perkins
Happy B-Day PEInc! I Love Us
Your group has a great sound. And even more than the sound you all posses a great anointing. Keep it up. ONE>>>
Great work you're doing for the Kingdom!
Pastor Parrish, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." This website is manifestation of your dreams and your enormous faith in God! This is an extremely well thought-out website!! I Love It! Congratulation on your Past & Future accomplishments!
Whatever you do for Christ will last.
The site is tight my brother. I hope you are doing well. I miss you and hope we can get together some time. I know how busy we get so we will have to schedule something. I do want to invite you and HD to come out for our 5th year anniversary service to minister. It is the first Friday of August, the 3rd. Let me know if you are available. god bless you Bishop JQ
Hey Pastor, I really liked the site. I explored it with my daughters and we were like "that's OUR Pastor!!!!" I think the song "God Can, God Will" was absolutely beautiful; and I wish EP AND HD the best of blessings and success on the upcoming tour, as well as, all future endeavors. Many blessings, Tunisia
Atlas, God Bless you my brother!! I love your website, it's AWESOME!!!! You really got it goin' on!!!!
"Music is a fair and glorious gift of God" by Martin Luther I wish to see all arts, principally music in the service of Him who gave and created them. I would not for all the world forego my humble share of music. Singers are never sorrowful, but are merry, and smile through their troubles in song. Music makes people kinder, gentler, more staid and reasonable. I am strongly persuaded that after theology there is no art that can be placed on a level with music; for besides theology music is the only art capable of affording peace and joy of the heart.
Nice web page. Glad to be a supporter and friend of Parriscope Entertainment
Effectual Prayers......May God continue to open doors and transition PEInc. into Higher Dimensions! Still!!!!
An Incredible God Deserves An Incredible Praise! May the blessings of Yeshua be with you AND upon you!